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the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology”
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#1 / 2021


Batchaeva A.M. Economic situation of the Upper Kuban mountain population during the Civil War (March 1918 - March 1920)
Korotko T.V. Health system of Turkey (1920s - mid-1970s)
Melsitov V.V., Sergienko N.L., Yakovleva I.P. The international situation and the main trends in the foreign policy of the USSR on the eve of World War II
Pocheshkhov N.A., Shkhachemukov R.M. The problem of victims of fascist terror among civilians during the Great Patriotic War: a case of Krasnodar Territory
Khuako Z.Yu., Zhade Z.A. Newspaper as a form of social communication and management in the sociohistoric and sociocultural space


Ashkhamakhov K.I., Kozlov R.S., Nekhay V.N. Methodology for the theoretical reconstruction of social phenomena in the context of the transformation of the research space of sociology
Kobleva Z.Kh. Sociocultural values of the Adyghe family in the context of modern transformations
Namrueva E.V. Technologies of internal affairs bodies’ interaction with mass media
Savina S.V., Solovjova S.V., Udychak F.N. Police activity as an object of sociological analysis
Tyun A.P. Trust in the police in Russian society: importance, relevant state, prospects
Shevchenko O.P. Entrepreneurial culture: problems in determining meaningful sense
Mashchenko I.V. PR impact on conflict in the information society


Akieva Kh.M. Ingush felt art as a type of traditional handicraft
Kozobrod E.G., Levitina I.Yu., Meloyan E.S. Theatrical fashion shows in the Kuban: sociocultural aspect


Agapov P.V. Review of the official opponent on the thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Law on specialty 12.00.08: Beshukova Z.M. “Mechanism of criminal-law counteraction to extremist activities: content, structure, main directions of optimization”
Akaev V.Kh. Review of the monograph “Islam in the AdygheaRepublic at the beginning of the 21st century: an empirical study”. ATLAS (2nd ed.,supplemented). [Z.A. Zhade, N.A. Ilyinova, E.S. Kukva, S.A. Lyausheva, V.N. Nekhay]; Ed. Prof. S.A. Lyausheva. –Maykop: AGU Pub