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the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology”
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#2 / 2010


A.Yu. Chadje Nikolay Berdyaev about the nation and national relations (after N.A.Berdyaev's collection of works “Destiny of Russia”)
A.A. Shaov Reconstruction of process of formation and development of ethnocultural and ethnoreligious outlook of Adyghe ethnos
A.M. Kushkhova Problems of research of reciprocal influence of the person and the nature
M.V. Maksimenko The concept and the characteristic of the transition period of a society: the philosophical comprehension
L.I. Melnik Intelligentsia in the conditions of crisis sociocultural space
L.I. Melnik Optimization of the crisis phenomena in professional work: an acmeological aspect


L.V. Burykina On principles of landed property and land tenure of the Kuban Cossacks at the end of the 18th – beginning of the 20th centuries
L.D. Fedoseeva English agents in the Northwest Caucasus in the first half of the 19th century
S.A. Chuprynnikov Formation of the Soviet public health care system in the Kuban region at the beginning of the 1920s


A.P. Mikhailov, A.A. Fedoseeva Sociocultural factors in an aetiology of youth’s deviating behaviour
A.P. Fedoseev Problems of re-socialization in a modern society: the sociocultural analysis
E.P. Rubtsova “Life strategies” of youth: definition problems in a sociological discourse
S.V. Sergienko Cultural deviations in a context of the theory of anomia: the sociological analysis
E.N. Ter-Nikogosyan Sociocultural factors of minimizing the influence of groups of risk: a regional profile
E.P. Rubtsova Differentiation of starting potentialities of studying youth as the basis of formation of life strategies
R.Yu. Shikova Identity of Russian youth in conditions of sociocultural transformation
I.O. Loginova Innovational behaviour as a way of the human interaction with the world during the vital self-realization
V.N. Nekhay Student's youth and law-enforcement system: problems of interaction in the conditions of globalization
R.V. Sergeev Youth and students as social groups and an object of the sociological analysis
D.S. Shagako Aggression and violence in a context of social interactions
T.L. Yakhyaev Obvious and latent questions of the national conflict: a view of the sociologist
P.A. Baev Religious and nonreligious consciousness of the Russian society in the epoch of changes: problems of typologization
I.I. Boldyshev Sociocultural institutionalization of a domestic small business
A.P. Kolmakov Correlation of the subjective right and the institute of legal capacity in social management
Yu.Ch. Tlekhas Cultural legitimation of traffic rules


S.G. Dzybova The general laws of implementation of norms of international law in the national legislation
A.D. Tlebzu On the Russian traditions of two-chamber legislature
S.M. Tutarishcheva On the content of constitutional-legal guarantee of ecological rights of the person and the citizen in the Russian Federation
I.B. Khakonova National aspects of development of the Russian statehood
I.N. Gaidareva Administrative-legal ways of the resolution of the juridical conflict
R.E. Tovmasyan Legal features of payment systems