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the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology”
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#1 / 2019


Bgazhnokov B.Kh. Zhaneevets in historical geography of the Northwest Caucasus (The 4-6th centuries)
Melsitov V.V., Sergienko N.L. Decisive boundary on the way to the Great victory: towards the 75th anniversary of the Kursk fight
Pazov I.S. Evolution of use of pasturable grounds in the Nalchik district at the beginning of the 20th century
Tonkikh (Zaritskaya) T.V. Formation and development of the Soviet theater in Noorossiysk (1920-1940)
Shetinina N.M. The organization of charitable institutions in the Voronezh province in the late 19th and in the early 20th century, as taking the cue from the activity of Orthodox Saints


Abramov S.V. Idealization of the future as kind of an anticipative aberration
Abutalipov A.R. Role of public organizations in increasing efficiency of post-penitentiary adaptation of the people released from places of detention in Russia
Gridina V.V., Petinova T.M. National identity of young people as a factor of maintaining cultural traditions in multinational society
Zhade Z.A., Kumpilov T.M. Muslim identity as scientific category
Ilyinova N.A., Konovalova L.A., Avagimyan A.V. Linguoculturological elucidation of the concepts "Islam" and "Moslem" in the context of "religious revival" of Russia in the early 21st century
Koshel I.Yu. Sociocultural aspects of contemporary migration: specifics and prospects of sociological researches
Lyausheva S.A., Pozdnyakova T.S. Realization of ethnicity in the course of representations in modern symbolical space (regional aspect)
Nekhay V.N., Shaov A.A., Nurakhmedova A.A. Religious culture of Islam as factor of consolidation of regional society
Protsenko S.A. Reputation control through a motivation prism
Ramazanov R.O., Nagieva M.K., Ismailova S.F. Islamic factor in Dagestan during the Post-Soviet period: state and trends
Salogub A.M., Demina N.V., Chistova M.V. Structure of creative management: levels of administrative influence
Tuzhba E.N., Chunikhina T.N. Social and psychological characteristics of the Caucasus ethnoses
Shakhbanova M.M., Nurilova A.Z., Gazimagomedov R.I. Factors of formation of intolerance in Dagestan modern society


Bolokova M.A. Interpretation problem of culture in the conditions of civilization contradictions
Bolokova M.A.,Bezrukova A.A. Mass media as a factor of formation of mass culture in information society

#2 / 2019


Begeulov R.M. Representatives of the mountain people of the North Caucasus as a part of Polish Army (1918-1939)
Boziev A.R. Ethnopolitical conflicts as a historical precondition of formation of culture of international communication and its role in the state youth policy (the case of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic)
Kushkhabiev A.V. "The Circassian question" in activity of the Kabardian public organizations at the end of the 20th century
Mezhidova T.U. Nakh’s ethnonym of Kistens
Nedomolkin A.G. Change of lamellar shearing in the Upper Paleolithic layers (40-12 thousand years ago) of the Mezmay Cave (North-West Caucasus)


Belashova Ya.Yu., Nurakhmedova A.A. Virtuality in modern social perception: sociocultural analysis
Germasheva T.M., Rachinskaya N.V., Fedorova E.R. View of the population of South Korea of the situation, which developed on the Korean Peninsula
Grebenyuk D.V. Factors of the attitude towards category of justice in public consciousness: statement of a problem
Zhuykov A.A., Kasparov A.R., Nurakhmedova A.A. Virtual conflicts in social networks of the Internet as a threat to information security
Zenin K.A. Political regulation in modern society: problems, factors, prospects
Zhuykov A.A., Kasparov A.R., Maschenko I.V. Threats of information security as factor of the social conflicts in post-industrial society: sociological analysis
Kilyaskhanov M.Kh. Negative social factors of existence of elderly people in contemporary society
Kombaev A.V., Yumozhapov G.S. Serving sentence by convicts in corrective labor colonies today: feelings of convicts who received punishment for the first time and experience in interaction with "the new world"
Korsakov A.N. Mediation as a tool to protect the civil rights
Kueva E.M. The attitude of regional community towards a role the rescue services play in overcoming accident consequences
Petrov V.N., Kantemirova I.B. Phenomenon of social exclusion / inclusion in the aspect of educational activity of children with limited health opportunities
Plotnikov V.V., Udzhukhova B.A. Development of communication technologies as factor of contemporary culture
Popova T.V. Television as a tool to control modern social processes: phenomenological aspect of the problem
Tischenko A.V. The attitude towards the law enforcement agencies in public consciousness: state and major factors
Shadzhe A.Yu., Ilyinova N.A., Kukva E.S. Transformation of the gender relations in the North Caucasus in sociological measurement
Yakovleva T.N., Leonova O.V. Readiness of University graduates for professional mobility (the case of the Astrakhan State University)

#3 / 2019


Babich I.L. Pages of biography of diplomat V.N. Gadzhemukov
Burykina L.V. Adaptation resources of Moldovan colonists in economic and sociocultural space of the North-West Caucasus in the post-reform period
Emtyl R.Kh. Sultan Khan-Girey: on the status of Adyghe (Circassian) women in society
Ivashchenko A.S. Production and distribution of drugs in Asia in the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries: reasons for intensification and countermeasures


Bocharnikova I.S. Photography as a way of students’ self-presentation in social networks
Vyalykh N.A. Social behavior patterns in health care as a subject of sociological researches in the South of Russia
Zhade Z.A., Guchet lZ.H. Political identity as an integration resource of the multiethnic space in the South of Russia
Krylov D.S. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of domestic violence
Kulikov E.M., Nurakhmedova A.A. Empirical researches of mass communication audience: opportunities to integrate quantitative and qualitative strategies
Oidup T.M. Study of the legal identity of the Tuva-Mongolian border community: sociological analysis
Plotnikov V.V., Kasparov A.R. On the social factors of extremism
Runaev T.A. Virtual cemetery as a commemorative practice: varieties and development vectors
Hlabystova N.V., Netrebko E.N. Transformation of the value of education in the system of "university – undergraduate applicants - students - labor market" interaction
Chagin V.S., Tuguz F. K. Suicide as a special form of deviant behavior of young people: theoretical aspect
Shakhbanova M.M. Religious identity of mountain Jews: indicators of reproduction
Schemeleva Yu.B. Smart city: yesterday, today, tomorrow