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the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology” The Bulletin of the Adyghe State University,
the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology”
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#1 / 2017


Butova O.A. Adyghes of the Northwest Caucasus at the final stage of the Caucasian War: attempts of political consolidation
Dvortsova D.V. East-West in Orhan Pamuk's literary works (in novels "My Name is Red", "The Silent House", "The Museum of Innocence")
Donogo Kh.M., Guseynov G.M. Last military governor of the Daghestan area Vladimir Viktorovich Ermolov (To the 100 anniversary of the February Revolution of 1917)
Emtyl R.Kh. The Adyghe etiquette in an assessment of Russian and European authors of the 15-19th centuries
Minnemullina Ch. R. The Kazan teacher's seminary in the light of revolutionary events of 1905-1907
Ostrovkin D.L. "Either lice will overcome socialism, or socialism will overcome lice …": on sanitary epidemic situation in the Urals in the 1920s


Abramov M.A., Kurnosenko A.A., Grishay V.N. Features of evolution of the concept of patriotism in the Western and Russian Socio-Humanistic Studies
Anistratenko T.G. Individual personal self-determination in daily social practices
Borovik O.V., Sypachev S.V., Apanasenko F.E. Social reflection as reproduction mechanism of public structure
Vartanyan E.V. Institute of the higher education as socialization agent of the Russian modern youth
Dementiev S.A. Reality of virtual morals in information society: risks and threats to human existence
Kilyaskhanov M.Kh., Grishay E.V. Traditional and innovative societies in the conditions of global transformation
Kukushkina A.A. The place and role of tolerance as one of the main legal values of modern youth in system of legal education
Maximova E.V. Possibilities of cultural tourism in socialization and social integration of persons with disabilities
Maskaev A.I., Chikarova G.I. Modern megalopolis and its influence on adaptation of professional actors in Russia
Matsnev A.A., Islamov F.I. Anti-corruption in the Russian society at the beginning of the 21st century: sociological and social legal aspects
Podolskiy V.V. Legal nihilism as special form of deformation of sense of justice in modern Russia
Popova T.V. Extremism in a context of the subject - object institutional interactions of television and the Russian transformed society
Skoblikov R.V. Contemporary system of law-enforcement bodies in the conditions of change of sociocultural stratification
Snezhko G.E. Sociocultural aspects of inclusive education of children with limited functionality
Starygina A.M. The main tendencies in development of the Russian higher school in the context of globalization: challenges for educational space
Tlekhatuk S.A. Value and semantic perception of the law as basis of legal identity of the youth in Adyghea: experience in social research
Khuako Z.Yu., Zhade Z.A. Moral and legal fundamentals of journalism: historical retrospective and sociocultural aspect


Belyakova I.G. The prospects of preservation of culture of indigenous people in the North under conditions of globalization
Bogdanova T.V. Practice of political apologies in Canada: correction of past mistakes
Vodopyan V.G. Media space in the sphere of mass communication: sociocultural reality
Kagazezhev B.S. From history of economic culture of the North Caucasus people in the 18 - 19th centuries
Nagdalieva Sh.A. Prospects of multiculturalism in the context of global challenges and the cultural right
Serenko M.K. Domestic comedy: translation problem
Yurikova A.V. Levels of an icon perception in temple and museum spaces


Shekultirov B.I. Constitutional legal and political consciousness of Russians

#2 / 2017


Babich I.L. Ideas of the future: the Caucasian refugees of France about state-building in the Caucasus (1920s-1930s)
Burykina L.V. Adaptation potential of Czechs and Slovaks of the Northwest Caucasus in the Russian migratory paradigm of the second half of the 19th century
Zaretskaya M.G., Suetina N.M. Genesis of views on category "legal relationship" in the general theoretical legal doctrine of the Soviet period
Ivaschenko A.S. The main lines of social, economic and political structures of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1867)
Katchieva A.P. The chief military adviser in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1979-1980)
Markelov N.A. On the issue of interethnic relations between Poles and Belorussians in the Belastok region under the Nazi German (1941-1944)
Tseeva Z.A. Landscape impact on formation of democratic institutes in the Adyghe mountain societies: statement of problem


Galkin K.A. Evolution of sociological approaches in medical profession researches. Biomedical paradigm vs individual approach
Degtyarev A.K., Lubsky A.V., Voitenko V.P. Value policy in the USA and Germany in the interethnic relations: possibilities of implementation of foreign experience in the Russian society
Kuznetsova A.V., Petrulevich I.A. Reinterpretation of the city text in aspect of the myth
Nuksunova A.M. "Firm" and "fluid" identity types of young Kalmyks
Paly V.M. Fragments of methodological prerequisites to a research of the relations of power in sociology
Petrov V.N. Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin about crisis of sensual culture of the western society
Ptuschenko E.B., Batmitova R.R. Expediency of making use of advanced information and computer technologies in social work with children with disabilities
Starygina A.M. Institutional changes in the Russian system of the higher education in the context of modernization
Fatyanov V.M. Role of the Internet in contemporary communicative space of the Russian youth: sociocultural aspect
Khot Z.Z., Chistyakova O.A. Possibilities of sociocultural approach to a research of migratory processes


Bartsits T.Z. Concept of the land plot in the doctrine of national and foreign law
Shekultirov B.I. The legislation of the Russian Federation as means of carrying out fair elections in Russia


Zhade Z.A. REVIEW over monographs of Vartumyan A.A. and Kornienko T.A. "Modernization political processes: civilization and national specifics" and "Political process in "not western" polities: the role of traditions and innovations"