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the series “Region Studies: Philosophy, History, Sociology, Jurisprudence, Political Sciences and Culturology”
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#2 / 2017


  • Babich I.L.
    Ideas of the future: the Caucasian refugees of France about state-building in the Caucasus (1920s-1930s)

    The present research focuses upon social and political views of the North Caucasian refugees of France in the 1920s and 1930s. The question of the attitude towards Russia, to future form of government in Russia, and to the future of national regions of the former Russian Empire including the Caucasus was the main aspect of these views. The author shows in the paper that in general social and political views came down to two large directions within which subtle differences were observed: Either the Caucasus is a part of the Russian Empire, or it is irrespective of Russia. We found out that the Caucasian refugees actively defended the positions, held open discussions which came to an end with serious divergences in ethnic diasporas.

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  • Burykina L.V.
    Adaptation potential of Czechs and Slovaks of the Northwest Caucasus in the Russian migratory paradigm of the second half of the 19th century

    The paper discusses features of migration of Austro-Hungarian citizens to the Northwest Caucasus and analyzes the adaptation potential of Czechs and Slovaks in the Russian migratory paradigm of the second half of the 19th century. The author comes to a conclusion that degree of efficiency of adaptation of immigrants in the different ethnic society depended on the national and confessional policy pursued by tsarism, on economic support of the Austro-Hungarian government and on individual self-realization of migrants. Most of immigrants managed to show uncommon acclimatization creativity and to find the economic niche.

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  • Zaretskaya M.G., Suetina N.M.
    Genesis of views on category "legal relationship" in the general theoretical legal doctrine of the Soviet period

    The paper is devoted to "legal relationship" as fundamental category of the Russian legal science. The authors examine various approaches to a research of legal relationships in works of jurists of the Soviet period of development of legal science. The publication explores the essence of legal relationships, their structure, the connection between legal relationships and other categories, such as the public relations and the rule of law.

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  • Ivaschenko A.S.
    The main lines of social, economic and political structures of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1867)

    In the paper, an analysis is made of basic elements of social, economic and political structures of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1867). The objective of the paper is to identify features of social, economic and political systems of Japan during the period of Tokugawa which predetermined, unlike other states of the East, the different historical destiny to the people of "land of the rising sun".

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  • Katchieva A.P.
    The chief military adviser in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1979-1980)

    The paper discloses details of selection of the candidate for a position of the Chief military adviser to the head of the government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in 1979 before input to Afghanistan of the limited contingent of the Soviet troops. For the first time in scientific literature the publication shows the role and significance of the Colonel General S.K. Magometov as the Chief military adviser of the government of Afghanistan in 1979-1980 whose activity was highly appreciated by the government of the USSR.

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  • Markelov N.A.
    On the issue of interethnic relations between Poles and Belorussians in the Belastok region under the Nazi German (1941-1944)

    Western Belorussia is a polyethnic region, where the conflict between the two main peoples - the Poles and Belorussians was lasting during the first half of the 20th century. The German-Fascist occupation created conditions for the development and aggravation of interethnic contradictions.

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  • Tseeva Z.A.
    Landscape impact on formation of democratic institutes in the Adyghe mountain societies: statement of problem

    This work describes so-called "democratic" societies of Circassia in the 18-19th centuries, features of their geographical localization, reasons of a territorial and demographic increase, and influence of a landscape on a socio-political situation in the Adyghe mountain societies. The paper explores forms of democratic institutes, distinctive features of the military organization of mountaineers connected with an involvement of free community members into military actions by land and by sea that, in turn, creates steady base for functioning of democratic institutes. General lines typical for most mountain societies of the Old World are noted: delay of processes of centralization, and existence of the democratic institutes similar to structures of antique policies.

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  • Galkin K.A.
    Evolution of sociological approaches in medical profession researches. Biomedical paradigm vs individual approach

    In contemporary sociology and sociology of medicine there are various approaches to definition of a profession of the contemporary doctor. Classical approach to definition of medical professions is based within a biomedical paradigm and covers ideas of a profession of the doctor from the point of view of professional ethics, high collective responsibility, unity and impartial approach to the patient. From the point of view of a biomedical paradigm, the profession of the doctor represents the isolated sort of human activity which is characterized by high collective responsibility, an emphasis on scientific research and development of collective approach to formation of professional identity in medicine. The medical profession, from the point of view of biomedical approach, is a profession which combines three main key components: a collectivity, impartiality and a scientific research orientation. However, recently individual approach to sociological research of professions in medicine has intensely been developed. The key element of the analysis in this case is the individuality of the doctor, in the context of daily practices and daily interaction.

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  • Degtyarev A.K., Lubsky A.V., Voitenko V.P.
    Value policy in the USA and Germany in the interethnic relations: possibilities of implementation of foreign experience in the Russian society

    Insufficient efficiency of administrative model of national policy in the Russian society assumes transition to the new paradigm basics of the administrative practices in the sphere of the interethnic relations, including taking into account a possibility of implementation of foreign experience in value policy. The paper discloses the difficulties, opportunities and prospects of implementation of the USA and Germany experience in value policy in Russia. The conclusion is drawn that the value policy allows the Russian society to get rid of an administrative syndrome, to overcome limitation only of legal "mechanisms" of regulation of the interethnic relations and to pass to the communicative model of national policy.

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  • Kuznetsova A.V., Petrulevich I.A.
    Reinterpretation of the city text in aspect of the myth

    The city text is regarded by a humane paradigm in various aspects which allow claiming that it is capable to describe language, onomastic, architectural, mental and sociocultural spaces. The chosen research vector dictates the address to any of the declared spaces, however, the ordinary citizen deals with a complex of the city texts operating with various semiotics systems. Semiotics codes demand sufficient competence for decoding city texts, including in mythologization coordinates. Semiosis of the city text is defined by two constitutive spheres - the city as space (topos) and the city as a name. The city text gets myth signs in duality of the attitude to the world. The intertextuality and an interdiscoursivity of the city text are demonstrated in its semantic structure and cultural codes thanks to which the individual reinterprets information, significant for him. Verbalization of the city text is carried out at various levels: the organization of city space is based on recognition and exarticulation of various objects of topos, and lingual cognitive level allows structuring and fixes the cognitive scheme of such spatial object. Images of streets and other architectural objects represent in this case "semantic" knots of the city text which, in particular, are represented by means of prepositions and adverbs in the characteristic of orientation in city space.

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  • Nuksunova A.M.
    "Firm" and "fluid" identity types of young Kalmyks

    This paper analyzes features of formation of "firm" and "fluid" identity types at young Kalmyks. The author shows that the mutually repeled / interpenetrating tendencies in formation of identity at young Kalmyks can be studied at the analysis of "spheres between" culture and society.

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  • Paly V.M.
    Fragments of methodological prerequisites to a research of the relations of power in sociology

    The paper is concerned with the possibilities to assess efficiency of the relations of power on the basis of traditional and contemporary methodology of the analysis of their place in system of structure-forming signs. An attempt is made to explain transformational communication of the power and society in traditions and stereotypes of scientific knowledge. Options of complex application of methodology of social science, urgent for modern sociology, are considered in cause and effect dependences of formation and assessment of the person, society, and institute of the power.

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  • Petrov V.N.
    Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin about crisis of sensual culture of the western society

    The paper focuses thematically on studying the rich creative heritage of the Russian-American sociologist - Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin. The theory of crises in its annex to the social phenomena and processes is defined as the specific direction of research. General theoretical components of the theory of crises are disclosed, and structural and procedural characteristics of this phenomenon in P.A. Sorokin's works are shown. Specific manifestation of the crisis phenomena, their depth and destructive force, transition to accidents and a further way of sociocultural system to a new state are studied on the basis of material of large-scale theoretical constructions and evidential factual data in fundamental scientific works of P.A. Sorokin.

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  • Ptuschenko E.B., Batmitova R.R.
    Expediency of making use of advanced information and computer technologies in social work with children with disabilities

    Information technologies have created new complex technical, technological, information and cultural reality in education. Use of these technologies allows children with disabilities to be successfully socialized in the modern world. This paper aims to carry out the state-of-the-art review of information technologies and effective methods of social work that are used in teaching children with disabilities. A number of the general and special technologies of training of disabled children for their social adaptation in information society are considered. The basic principles of distance learning are marked out. Its main feature is the differentiated training. Modern interactive information technologies of distance learning are presented. Their full openness and positive opportunities, with application of electronic information resources: books, textbooks, multimedia encyclopedias, education manuals, collections of papers, historical sources, etc. increase interest of pupils in the studied subject. These resources facilitate and accelerate work in training, help to direct training process more quickly and objectively. As a result it is inferred that information, computer, network and interactive technologies are capable to be for children with disabilities not only a source of dynamic digital information, but also the comfortable tutorial and knowledge.

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  • Starygina A.M.
    Institutional changes in the Russian system of the higher education in the context of modernization

    The paper discusses features of the institutional changes taking place in system of the higher education of the Russian Federation. According to the author, emergence of new educational practices and structures becomes one of sources of institutional changes in the higher education. The author defines the main tendencies in institutional changes in the higher education, and offers recommendations related to improvement of functioning of institute of education in modern conditions.

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  • Fatyanov V.M.
    Role of the Internet in contemporary communicative space of the Russian youth: sociocultural aspect

    The present paper analyzes the influence of the Internet on process of transformation of value orientations of modern youth. The author notes that the Internet space in the modern world becomes one of the most important agents of impact on system of values, as well as represents one of the major determinants changing also a lifestyle itself of the modern younger generation of citizens.

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  • Khot Z.Z., Chistyakova O.A.
    Possibilities of sociocultural approach to a research of migratory processes

    The paper is concerned with the possibilities of application of sociocultural methodology to a research of migration and migratory processes. The points of view of the leading sociologists and culturologists on a problem of sociocultural integration of migrants which have the specifics are given. Advantages are emphasized of a sociocultural integrated approach in relation to economic models.

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  • Bartsits T.Z.
    Concept of the land plot in the doctrine of national and foreign law

    The paper is concerned with issues of a definition of a concept of the land plot in the Republic of Abkhazia, Russian Federation and some foreign countries. An attempt is undertaken to study category of the land plot, from a position of the theoretical analysis, in legislative acts of the Russian Federation, the English land legal system, in the republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. The importance of the land plots at regulation of questions of social economic, social political, land and property character is separately emphasized.

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  • Shekultirov B.I.
    The legislation of the Russian Federation as means of carrying out fair elections in Russia

    The paper discloses specifics of elections in the Russian Federation. On the basis of the Legislation of the Federal law "On the Main Guarantees of Electoral Rights and Rights for Participation in a Referendum of Citizens of the Russian Federation", the progressive provisions promoting elections in the atmosphere of freedom, honesty and justice are analyzed.

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  • Zhade Z.A.
    REVIEW over monographs of Vartumyan A.A. and Kornienko T.A. "Modernization political processes: civilization and national specifics" and "Political process in "not western" polities: the role of traditions and innovations"

    The presented monographs of Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor A.A. Vartumyan and Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor T.A. Kornienko are logical continuation of previously published works and are implementation of the project within school of sciences of A.A. Vartumyan "Regional political process: interaction of federal, regional and municipal authorities in sociopolitical modernization of the region".

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