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#4 / 2011


  • A.N. Mikhnyuk
    Analytical tradition: searches for perfect language

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of searches for perfect language within the limits of analytical philosophy. The authors examine basic stages of a classical paradigm of the language research, put by Ferdinand de Saussure, as well as stages of development of analytical philosophy and its main currents. The work provides in detail the points of view of the most important representatives of analytical philosophy.

    pdf mikhnyuk2011_4.pdf  (257 Kb)

  • I.A. Yakovenko
    Correlation of religious and scientific knowledge

    The paper reinterprets principles of a correlation of scientific and religious knowledge. On the basis of the analysis of the domestic and foreign literature on a correlation of religious and scientific consciousness, the author notices that a lot of disputable and unresolved questions remain in researches of this problem. Nevertheless, studies of mutual relation of a science and religion within the limits of a nonclassical science allow the author to draw a conclusion on possibility of dialogue between a science and religion in modern conditions.

    pdf yakovenko2011_4.pdf  (278 Kb)

  • A.P. Fedorovsky
    Historical consciousness: features of formation and objectivation

    An analysis is made of the content of historical consciousness in a context of its influence on social practice. The purpose of this paper is to find out opportunities of overcoming aberrations of historical memory and to actualize those components which are capable to provide forward development of a society on the basis of historically approved sociocultural models.

    pdf fedorovsky2011_4.pdf  (213 Kb)

  • Z.Kh. Lovpache
    Legal hermeneutics as a science division on understanding

    The paper is devoted to elucidation of a legal hermeneutics. Genesis of a legal hermeneutics as a science division on understanding is investigated. In studying distinctive properties of a legal hermeneutics, the comparative analysis with definition of a classical hermeneutics is carried out. The general definition of the term “understanding” is given.

    pdf lovpache2011_4.pdf  (232 Kb)

  • E.V. Parkhomenko
    Argot as a text version

    This paper discusses a question of existence and examination of slang as a text within the limits of the language. The purpose of the paper is a regular analysis of the text as an object of research: revealing the layers forming a modern language field and accordingly complicating it, a consequence of which is the origin of diverse text forms. The most important method of jargon study is its hermeneutic analysis as a text.

    pdf parkhomenko2011_4.pdf  (263 Kb)

  • N.V. Pashkova
    Freedom as the necessary form of existence (M.K. Mamardashvili’s philosophy)

    The paper discusses M.K. Mamardashvili’s idea that freedom is always an improbably difficult effort which each person should make in the life. Freedom is complex, it is always related to a choice, to an effort and to decision-making. The purpose of the work is to analyze a problem of freedom in M.Mamardashvili’s philosophy. A method of research is a hermeneutic reflection.

    pdf pashkova2011_4.pdf  (257 Kb)

  • A.Yu. Ryashentseva
    Pedagogical question: from rules to art

    The paper discusses the basic logic conditions of putting pedagogical questions in cognitive activity. The author defines their developing potential by using a system of sayings of great philosophers in the interrogative form. The aim of the research is disclosing interrelations between pedagogical questioning art and creative and developing component of pupils’ activity.

    pdf ryashentseva2011_4.pdf  (267 Kb)

  • N.A. Sigida
    Military virtue in theoretical wars

    An analysis is made of display of military virtue in the war of new generation – the theoretical war. To achieve victory in theoretical war in the conditions of globalization the domestic philosophers must create the theoretical foundations based on standards of naturalness, generated at ancient times.

    pdf sigida2011_4.pdf  (189 Kb)

  • O.V. Letunova
    The economic projects adequate to metaphysical type of economic thinking

    The paper describes the philosophical and methodological foundations of economic thinking of the metaphysical type. The author proves that this type of thinking determines the formation of market and planned economic projects.

    pdf letunova2011_4.pdf  (346 Kb)


  • S.P. Markova
    On history of the English trading company of Merchant Adventurers

    During a transitive epoch from the Middle Ages to New time the trading company of Merchant Adventurers occupied the outstanding position in economic, financial and internal political life, as well as in foreign policy of England. Despite importance and uniqueness of the company, full and regular research of its history in the European historiography is not present till now. In this work, the author proposes the general analytical review of history of the company, constructed on the basis of materials of the sources which are available today at the disposal of historians.

    pdf markova2011_4.pdf  (352 Kb)

  • A.S. Ivashchenko
    The purposes, principles and system of training professionals with higher education in the countries with the developed market economy

    An analysis is made of the main objectives, base principles and system of training professionals with higher education in the industrially-developed countries. Research of this issue is especially important in a context of total transition of the Russian higher school to two-level system of higher education.

    pdf ivashchenko2011_4.pdf  (309 Kb)

  • E.V. Oserskaya
    The reasons of deportation of Armenians by the Young Turk regime in days of the First World War

    The paper discusses the reasons of deportation of Armenians by the Young Turk regime in days of the First World War. The work discloses the political, social, economic and religious factors which have affected the policy of the Ottoman authorities concerning Armenians.

    pdf oserskaya2011_4.pdf  (241 Kb)

  • A.B. Fetyukov
    Artistic intelligentsia in the Khrushchev period: structure and social position (based on Leningrad data)

    The paper investigates Leningrad branches of creative unions, which united the artistic intelligentsia in its ranks. On the basis of archival documents the numerical, age-related and party structure of intelligentsia is defined, the social position of this group is examined.

    pdf fetyukov2011_4.pdf  (263 Kb)

  • L.N. Galimova
    Activity of provincial merchants of the Volga region belonging to zemstvo institutions in the middle of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century

    Public activity of merchants, except charity and service in local governments, has involved also a zemstvo. In the post-reform period, the structure of zemstvo institutions has changed in favor of merchant class. This work shows the results of activity of merchant class in zemstvo institutions for advantage not only of trade and the industry, but also for the blessing of Russia.

    pdf galimova2011_4.pdf  (270 Kb)

  • I.G. Ivantsov
    On history of mutual relations between the party-state control bodies of All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the law and order bodies in the late 1920s through the beginning of 1930s

    The origin of the Soviet model of statehood and its institutes, as well as their subsequent evolution is one of the key problems of a domestic historiography. Despite long working out, it keeps the urgency until now. This work addresses one of the basic and still poor studied aspects of the Soviet political and social history – the party-state control of bodies of the law and order.

    pdf ivantsov2011_4.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • L.D. Fedoseyeva
    Development of capitalist relations in agriculture in the Northwest Caucasus (the late 1860s – 1890s)

    This work examines the development of capitalist relations in the Northwest Caucasus after the termination of the Caucasian War, serfdom cancellation in Russia and agrarian reform implemented in this region.

    pdf fedoseyeva2011_.pdf  (273 Kb)

  • L.V. Burykina
    Features of the foundation and social and economic development of villages of Maikop Department in the Kuban region

    This work examines the military-Cossack colonization of the Northwest Caucasus as the basic tool of realization of the Caucasian policy by the Russian government in the conditions of the Caucasian War. The author analyzes features of the foundation and social and economic development of Maikop Department of the Kuban region, underlining domination of reasons of military expediency over economic advantages of a site of new villages.

    pdf burykina2011_4.pdf  (323 Kb)

  • T.V. Korotko
    The development of modern theatre arts in Turkey

    This work discusses the emergence and development of theatre arts in Turkey, it gradual formation and transformation into a theatrical skill and art which we are accustomed to seeing. The author undertakes an attempt to consider the original form of theatre, its participants, scope of activity, genres and the influence of theatre on the Turkish citizens, on the government and on the Turkish art in its broadest sense.

    pdf korotko2011_4.pdf  (208 Kb)

  • A.V. Dubrovin
    “An image of the enemy” in memoirs of Russian officers, participating in the Caucasian War of the 19th century

    In this work, an analysis is made of the character of perception of the enemy by the Russian officers participating in the Caucasian War of the 19th century. The basic criteria for this are moral, religious and civilizational, as well as the evolution of views and specific features (romanticizing the enemy, loans and becoming “related” with him).

    pdf dubrovin2011_4.pdf  (290 Kb)


  • T.I. Afasizhev, M.A. Shenkao
    Sociocultural imperatives of Adyghe-Abkhazian and Abasin table etiquette

    The paper examines various forms of toasts from the time of Nart epos until present days. Culture of a dialogue at the banquet table is shown. It is emphasized that a moral code of ethics of the Abkhasian people and the Adyghe etiquette formed a style of thinking and behavior of the people of the Western Caucasus.

    pdf afasizhev2011_4.pdf  (303 Kb)

  • O.I. Kuskarova
    Sociocultural process: a condition, features and interaction factors

    The paper examines the concepts of “process” and “sociocultural process” in a context of a philosophical-sociological heritage. The author considers the essence and forms of the sociocultural process, its integrity and the social organization.

    pdf kuskarova2011_4.pdf  (228 Kb)

  • A.V. Shcherbakova
    Factors and the reasons of migratory process in the Stavropol Territory

    This work discusses problems of migration and integration of the compelled immigrants. Factors and the reasons of migratory process in the Stavropol Territory are considered. It also identifies the factors and reasons of migration in the Stavropol territory and influence of dispersal movements on settling, structure, population reproduction etc.

    pdf shcherbakova2011_4.pdf  (221 Kb)

  • S.T. Chesebieva
    Culture of health in system of a healthy way of life at students with the weakened health

    This work discusses the importance of formation of health culture for preventive maintenance of a healthy way of life among students. Special attention is given to students with the weakened health. The paper provides also data of sociological poll of students.

    pdf chesebieva2011_4.pdf  (217 Kb)

  • Z.Yu.Tuguz
    Ethnogender features of family-marriage relations in Adygheya Republic

    Ethnogender aspects of family-marriage, personal and economic relations of the title population in Adygheya Republic are analyzed. The author describes the features of gender hierarchy in a family revealed during sociological research, gender division of house work, display of ethnic traditions and etiquette norms in the course of formation of a family and interpersonal interaction.

    pdf tuguz2011_4.pdf  (328 Kb)

  • F.K. Tlyusten
    Intellectual property in sociocultural space of an information society: problems and prospects

    The paper examines the issues of development of the information society, related to the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of the copyright, and creation of the uniform educational-scientific information environment.

    pdf tlyusten2011_4.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • A.-L.YU. Mulyar
    Cultural-identification processes of ethnic minorities in the multiethnic region

    The paper discusses the cultural-identification processes of ethnic minorities in the region of the North Caucasus in terms of a postnonclassical paradigm, tendencies in transformation of ethnic identity of minorities in the Adygheya Republic and the level of ethnic affiliation. The obtained results correspond to various types of sociocultural adaptation of minorities in the multiethnic society.

    pdf mulyar2011_4.pdf  (485 Kb)

  • S.I. Kulibaba
    A self-reflexion of organizational culture (a sociological case-study)

    The paper deals with the features of organizational culture of municipal cultural institutions in terms of the altered economical, political and social conditions of their existence. The author addresses the results of the sociological investigation devoted to the comprehension of mission and prospects of organization development by the involved agents, their estimation of positive and negative aspects of the activity and active position of their own.

    pdf kulibaba2011_4.pdf  (300 Kb)

  • R.A. Berechetova
    Cognitive measurement of legal consciousness in generational cohorts of the Adygheya Republic inhabitants

    The paper provides an analysis of the condition of legal consciousness in various socially-demographic groups of citizens of Adygheya Republic, belonging to various generations. The author describes the dependence of character of sense of justice revealed during sociological research on the degree of expressiveness of subordination or participation types of value orientations and on cognitive installations at three generational cohorts, the socialization of which has taken place in the Soviet, reorganization and modern stages of development of the Russian society.

    pdf berechetova2011_4.pdf  (548 Kb)

  • S.Z. Bzhetseva
    The childhood status in a modern research paradigm

    The paper discusses the characterologic features of various types of culture. The author shows the defining for the socialization determining qualities, as well as the role and significance of process of socialization in all types of a society. The work provides also an analysis of the existing research paradigms forming scientific potential on the problems related to the modern status of the childhood.

    pdf bzhetseva2011_4.pdf  (230 Kb)

  • V.V. Tarasenko
    The sociological definition of territorial clusters

    The paper discusses the sociological problems of the analysis of territorial clusters. The task of the research is to give a sociological definition of territorial clusters. The author offers a definition of territorial clusters on the basis of the approach by R. Collins.

    pdf tarasenko2011_4.pdf  (254 Kb)

  • M.V. Averyanov
    Methodological approaches in research of a phenomenon of corruption: a sociocultural aspect

    This paper addresses the research of sociocultural determinants of the phenomenon of corruption, the problems related to stability of corruption models of behavior in a modern Russian society and the phenomenon of legitimation of corruption behavior in mentality of the Russian citizens.

    pdf averyanov2011_4.pdf  (248 Kb)

  • M.V. Saakyan
    Ways of increasing legal culture of the Russian society

    With a view of creation of the harmonous, interconnected system of legal education and teaching citizens of the Russian Federation including state structures, mass media and public associations, ways of increasing legal culture of the Russian society are suggested.

    pdf saakyan2011_4.pdf  (220 Kb)

  • A.M. Shchukin
    Legal culture of youth as an object of sociological research

    In the paper, on the basis of materials of the conducted research, the author analyzes the level of legal culture of youth in new social conditions and defines the value factors influencing it. The legal culture of the person reflects character and degree of legal development of the person based on advantages of positive sense of justice, realized in active creative legal activity. The legal culture of the person acts as a value core of public legal culture. The legal culture reflects objective requirements for perfection of social management and obligatory mechanisms of realization of interests of a civil society and helps to make them a means of estimating a conformity of standards of behavior to norms of the right.

    pdf shchukin2011_4.pdf  (204 Kb)

  • L.U. Kurbanova
    Role of stereotypes in designing and functioning of gender identity: theoretical aspect

    In this article, we tried to make an analysis of the discourse of gender stereotypes as the universal mechanisms of gender practices in the works of the domestic scholars. The role, place and method of functioning of the gender stereotypes and their structure and the means of their application within the framework of various theoretical approaches are considered. We tried to demonstrate the importance of gender stereotypes in the formation of person identity and their role in the socialization of an individual. Also this work highlights the reasons why the topicality of the problem is increasing within social and cultural transformation of the Russian society.

    pdf kurbanova2011_4.pdf  (212 Kb)

  • L.V. Usova
    Sociocultural adaptation of children with the limited possibilities

    The paper is devoted to the analysis of sociocultural adaptation of children with the limited possibilities. Children-invalids belong to a most socially unprotected category of the population. In this connection the author suggests to lift the social status of the invalid, to raise his material independence and to develop technologies of his social adaptation.

    pdf usova2011_4.pdf  (671 Kb)


  • A.A. Abregova
    The state contract in Russia: problems related to the institute development

    In this paper, the author analyzes a way of formation of the institute of state contract in Russia and compares positions of the statutory acts operating in the previous historical stages with the modern legislation.

    pdf abregova2011_4.pdf  (318 Kb)

  • S.M. Gozgesheva
    The phenomenon of traditional law (adat) and Mohammedan law (shariath) in the North Caucasus

    The goal of the research is to consider the unique phenomenon of traditional law in the North Caucasus. The tasks of the research are to represent the historical progress; to analyze the dynamism of shariath and adat in the region; to define the position of traditional law institutes for today. Adat and shariath are the integral part of the social, political and cultural life of the nations in the North Caucasus. A lot of points of the law are topical in the 21st century being the factor of the law order, guarantee of political and social stability in the region.

    pdf gozgesheva2011_4.pdf  (285 Kb)

  • I.N. Gaydareva
    Topical problems of counteraction to corruption in public service system

    The attention of the government and institutes of a civil society to a corruption issue in system of public service is caused by that recently the corruption of civil officers has got global character.

    pdf gaydareva2011_4.pdf  (224 Kb)

  • G.V. Dosta
    The different elements of criminal characteristics of crimes against health of the population and the public morals, made by the persons having mental frustration, not excluding insanity

    The paper provides the materials on decision of theoretical problems in investigation of criminal cases. The issues of studying reasons and factors, which lead to disharmonious formation of personality, taking into account inherent or after-acquired anomaly of mental development, are designated. It is inferred that only in the presence of the certain reasons the persons having mental frustration, not excluding insanity, can have deformed perception of public values and an individual pathological sight at rules and norms of morals. In investigationg the criminal cases related to crimes against health of the population and public morals, made by the persons having mental frustration, not excluding insanity, the investigatory body should give special attention to research of motive, the purpose, circumstances of commission of crime by the person having anomalies in mentality.

    pdf dosta2011_4.pdf  (232 Kb)

  • D.V. Fedotova
    Problems of formation and application of institute of the pre-judicial cooperation agreement in the Russian Federation

    The emergence of chapter 40.1 in Criminal Law Code of the Russian Federation “The Special order of acceptance of the judgement at the conclusion of the pre-judicial cooperation agreement”, as the analysis shows, is caused by public interest, namely: necessity to provide fast and full disclosing of crimes. As a result of research of the problems related to special order of acceptance of the judgement at the conclusion of the pre-judicial cooperation agreement, the author believes necessary to improve the legislation and to exclude an ambiguity in interpretation of the rules of the law.

    pdf fedotova2011_4.pdf  (250 Kb)


  • N.Yu. Bouriak
    Culture-forming potential and the sociocultural nature of language: the peculiarities of ethnosemantical interpretation

    The paper is focused on the problem of the development of modern society which is regarded as the process of interaction of different cultures. The author analyzes and interprets the ethnocultural peculiarities of language.

    pdf bouriak2011_4.pdf  (246 Kb)

    Political Science

  • Z.Yu. Khuako
    Sociopolitical factors of journalism functioning in a political system of society

    The paper discusses features of functioning of mass media in a political system of society, the journalism role in management of public life, institutional indicators and functions of the press, television and broadcasting. Special attention is given to regional aspects in activity of printing and electronic mass media.

    pdf khuako2011_4.pdf  (262 Kb)

  • Z.A. Zhade
    Geopolitical construction of a modern world order

    The paper provides an analysis of the geopolitical world order expressed in the organization of geographical space and the government. The geopolitical vision of the world is presented in the form of theoretical constructs, geopolitical theories and doctrines. The author studies the geopolitical perception of the world in the form of geopolitical outlook and orientation, basing on formation of geopolitical identity.

    pdf zhade2011_4.pdf  (264 Kb)

  • M.A. Sedinkin
    Opportunities of using a foreign experience in formation of e-government in Russia

    The experience in e-government formation in foreign countries is analyzed proceeding from the main worldwide tendencies in IT development. In terms of the sociological approach to e-government application, the author shows successful practice of foreign countries, as well as the opportunities of foreign experience application for e-government formation in Russia.

    pdf sedinkin2011_4.pdf  (394 Kb)

  • E.P. Olifirenko
    The reasons and forms of display of youth extremism on the national basis

    The present paper examines the questions related to an ethnic animosity and interethnic intensity. The important place in questions of international and interreligious interaction is occupied by youth as a group of the population most susceptible to international relations. Using the Karachaevo-Circassian Republic as an example, the analysis is made of data on extremist and terrorist activity. The regular analysis of the information on such crimes will allow people to estimate real threats reliably, as well as to avoid large acts of terrorism in relation to the civilian population.

    pdf olifirenko2011_4.pdf  (302 Kb)